Palermo Hollywood

This once quiet sector of Palermo has in recent years developed into one of Buenos Aires’ main artistic neighborhoods.  The name Palermo “Hollywood” comes from the numerous television stations and production companies located in the area.  Formerly a strictly residential neighborhood, the early 20th century houses are now home to sophisticated restaurants, thematic bars, nightclubs, art galleries, antique shops and vanguard designer stores.

Palermo Hollywood is now a popular location for the “hip” middle class and young celebrities to get together at any of the stylish restaurants, bars or nightclubs.  The selection of restaurants is broad, offering different cultural cuisines and alternative choices such as vegetarian and macrobiotic foods.  Most restuarants and bars also pay close attention to their decor and the atmosphere they provide, each trying to offer a unique experience.

A Palermo Hollywood address is highly sought after by many vanguard designers.  The area has already attracted numerous fashion clothing and design shops where local designers display and sell their creations.

Despite its modern, artistic atmosphere, Palermo Hollywood still maintains its architectural old-fashioned charm.  The original facades of the early 20th century houses have been preserved, while the interiors have been refurbished and modernized.

Braga Menéndez
Humboldt 1574, Palermo, 4775-5577
Florencia Braga Menendez runs this artistic space where thirty independent artists work here on collective and individual projects.  These vanguard artists display and sell their paintings, sculptures, photographs and other creations.

No Avestruz
Humboldt 1857, 4771-1141
Musicians playing a variety of different urban styles, particularly jazz, gather at this spot that classifies itself as an “independent space for culture”.  In addition to musical performances, plays are also hosted here.

BIO Restaurant
Humboldt 2199, 4774-3880
This vegetarian restaurant prides itself on offering organic dishes in which all the products used are free of preservatives and additives.  Their menu includes vegetable burgers with cheese, onions and green leaves, and Thai rice, among other choices.

Bonpland 1670, 4773-0411
This ideal spot for fish lovers offers river delicacies such as pacu, the house specialty, surubi sticks and tasty trays.

Mercado de Dorrego
Dorrego and Conde
This daily mercado de pulgas (flea market) has a permanent home in what looks like an old warehouse.  Numerous stalls sell a variety of items from antique wine goblets and dishes,  to old vinyl records, used electrical appliances, and furniture from different time periods for each room in the house.

Fábrica de Bananas
Arevalo 1445, 4777-6541
This former warehouse, used to store and ripen bananas, now houses over 50 local clothing designers and artists.

Sugar & Spice
Guatemala 5419, 4777-5423
Since 2002 this cookie factory has been producing delicious home-made cookies, biscotti, brownies, pound cakes, and pan dulce.  Stop by and you can taste their full line of baked goods.

Guatemala 5602, 4776-3777
This small Asian restaurant, specializing in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, offers a very peaceful atmosphere along with dishes such as brasied meat with red curry, rolls, spicy soup, and grilled duck.  The menu indicates the level of “hotness” for each dish.

Oui Oui
Nicaragua 6068, 4778-9614
This cozy and warm café specializes in sandwiches, tea and their daily special, usually an Italian or French home-made dish.

Green Bamboo
Costa Rica 5802, 4775-7050
Decorated with kitsch and Oriental objects, this restaurant serves exotic Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

Tiempo de Gitanos
El Salvador 5575, 4776-6143
Daily flamenco shows are performed at this Spanish restaurant, complete with dancers and singers.  You can savor typical dishes, such as paella, appetizers and natilla madrileña (creamy custard).

Eterna Cadencia
Honduras 5574, 4774-4100
This beautiful bookstore features several rooms with cozy reading corners, furnished with arm chairs and couches.  Wooden bookshelves cover the walls from its hardwood floors to its ceilings.  It includes an elegant and warm café-bar and a lovely terrace.

Honduras 5604, 4775-6693
This colorful corner is a popular bar for friends to get together for a drink before or after dinner.

Honduras 5733, 4772-0845 / 4776-3634
The bizarre decor and informal atmosphere are part of the attraction of this bar which offers a wide variety of drinks with fruits and natural fruit juices, along with home-made meals.  You can also linger at your table while playing one of the several board games available for adults, couples and children.

The Roxy Restobar
Gorriti 5568, 4777-1230
Rock music, videos, live bands and “Roxy atmosphere” make this one of the cool spots in Palermo Hollywood.  Chicken and steak fajitas are the dinner specialty and a wide variety of imported liquor is included on the drink menu.

Gorriti 5870, 4776-7677
Within the soothing atmosphere of this restaurant, the famous Argentine chef, German Martitegui, serves delicious Scandanavian dishes.  Herring, grilled tuna and deer ravioli are just a few of the choices on the menu.  Its bar features 60 varieties of vodka.   A very good brunch is also offered on the weekend.

Niceto Club
Niceto Vega 5510, 4779-9396
Since its opening in July 1998, this nightclub has been attracting the broadest diversity of styles, musicians and audiences in Buenos Aires.  Local and international artists have performed on its stage and booth, and its two dance floors host numerous parties featuring the gamut of musical genres: pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, electronic, tango, soul, funk and more.

Visiting Palermo Hollywood
Location – Between Avenida Juan B. Justo, Paraguay, Dorrego and Niceto Vega
Main arteries – Avenida Juan B. Justo and Dorrego
How to get there - Buses 29, 64, 152; Subway – Subte Linea D, Palermo & Carranza stations
Best time to visit – Daytime for shopping and lunch, nighttime for dining, drinks and dancing

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